Boulder Holistic Dentistry: Oral Appliance Treatment For Sleep Apnea Announced

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With new research showing that oral appliances can be as effective as CPAP machines in treating mild, moderate, and severe OSA, Studio Z Dental now offers custom oral appliances for patients in Boulder.

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Signs of sleep apnea can include suddenly waking up at night, gasping for breath, snoring, chronic headaches, depression, and lethargy throughout the day. With the latest announcement, Studio Z Dental encourages sufferers of the condition to schedule a consultation as soon as possible since unaddressed sleep apnea has been linked to heart failure, cardiac arrest, hypertension and other cardiovascular problems.

“Treating sleep apnea promotes a healthier heart, body, and mind. You can improve your sleep and health with your qualified dentist’s help”, a spokesperson for the practice explained.

According to the Sleep Foundation, the risk of developing the condition increases with age and can be exacerbated by other health and lifestyle factors, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, obesity, and a family history of OSA.

As a holistic dentistry practice, Studio Z will consider all of these factors before developing a custom treatment plan that may include fitting the patient for an oral appliance. Similar to an orthodontic retainer, the appliance is worn during sleep. Unlike loud and cumbersome CPAP machines, oral appliances are comfortable, portable, and silent.

Besides sleep apnea, the practice can develop holistic care plans for patients experiencing TMD and nocturnal bruxism.

About Studio Z Dental

Studio Z Dental is located just outside of Boulder in Louisville and offers a comprehensive range of holistic treatment options that support the overall health of the patient. Popular procedures include ozone therapy, cavitation treatments, and biocompatibility testing, as well as fluoride and mercury-free solutions. Its team of dentists are also equipped to offer restorative and cosmetic dentistry services, including implants, crowns, bridges, and teeth whitening.

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