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Driven by a need to make and a pizazz for structure, Kendra Matusiak found a space on Main Street where they can blend her fluctuated abilities and offer them with the general population.

Matusiak opened REmix Design in July at 107 N. Principle St. in Chambersburg, bringing to fulfillment a thought birthed during a force blackout in September 2011.

A couple of months before their idea became known, they moved on from Penn State with a four year college education in engineering and moved back in with their folks, Chris and Ed Matusiak. They began repainting furniture they found at yard deals and doing some reupholstering.

While battling to get an all day line of work, they conceptualized while the power in their house was out about how they could bring home the bacon out of changing individual and business spaces into inviting situations. At that point, they required a name.

“I’ve always been kind of geared toward sustainability,” Matusiak stated, so having “re” (as in reuse, reuse) in their business moniker seemed well and good. The “mix” alludes to the horde styles they cherishes, including modern, rural and mid-century.

The 31-year-old proprietor consolidated school exercises she found out about usefulness and placing contemplations on paper with their enthusiasm for insides and lighting to assist their with molding their business.

They additionally fused the sewing abilities of their mom, whose macrame manifestations, pads and upholstery are sold there. The convenient aptitudes their dad helped their sharpen have been valuable, as well, especially with power devices.

Matusiak considered making the plunge as a seller at Vintage Market at the Old Red Barn on Warm Spring Road in Chambersburg. Over a year prior, they began selling plants there that they acquired from a distributer, balancing their inside products.

“I didn’t want to be just about furniture,” they said.

Greenery is a significant, welcoming component in stylistic layout, they stated, and now, the “plant bar” at REmix is home to a portion of her top-selling things.

Their various product ranges from 25-penny stones and gems, to plants for $3 and higher, to dresser and end table sets for $995. They does some online deals through Etsy and Facebook Marketplace, and has dispatched things to purchasers from Washington, D.C., New York, Colorado and Los Angeles. Be that as it may, the Chambersburg-zone clients are the core of their business.

“You can’t beat locally. Individuals know you’re there,” they said.

The 1,000-square-foot space highlights two sizable tables in the middle that hold stock when the store is available to people in general and are utilized for classes at different occasions. Matusiak said they has space for 10 to 15 individuals to take do-it-without anyone else’s help sessions, which have remembered exercises for plants, making fall wreaths and macrame.

Another segment of REmix is helping proprietors of homes and organizations carry their plan thoughts to fulfillment.

Matusiak sees matches in planning for the two conditions.

“A business should, as it were, feel somewhat enjoyable and inviting,” they said.

Maintaining a business with such a significant number of components possesses just 50% of Matusiak’s about 80-hour work filled weeks.

Since 2012, they has worked for AWI Fixtures and Interiors Inc. in Shippensburg, doing retail inside plan for organizations, for example, school book shops and exhibition halls.

They goes to REmix for an hour before work each weekday, at that point burns through three to four additional hours there each weekday evening. Around eight hours on each end of the week day are dedicated to working up their stock, staying aware of the accounting and setting up the store for its open hours.

Matusiak grasps the apparently debilitating undertakings.

“Being in the store isn’t work to me,” they said. “It resembles treatment to me. It’s my Zen time.”

The store is open for customers on the first and third Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. furthermore, on the first and third Sundays from early afternoon to 5 p.m. On that days the second and fourth weeks, they chips away at ventures or holds classes.

Their mom works at REmix during the hours that Matusiak is satisfying their obligations with AWI Fixtures and Interiors.

Downtown Chambersburg Inc. President Sam Thrush acknowledged the multifaceted business for drawing in new guests to the precinct.

“It’s acquiring another populace,” they said. “It’s faces I haven’t seen previously.”

Matusiak faces the future with energy.

“I’ve generally been the sort of individual who needs to see what other place I could go,” they said.

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