Here’s the way to repurpose the Netflix button on the new Shield TV remote

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The fresh out of the box new 2019 Shield TV and Shield TV Pro are currently accessible and anticipating those individuals that have been patiently waiting for a true refresh. Fortunately, the remote has experienced some considerable upgrades, including the expansion of a few new buttons. While a large portion of them add to route and playback, there is that one Netflix button that is not for everybody. On the off chance that people consider a non-Netflixer, or even simply need to utilize the catch for something significantly progressively valuable, it’s in reality exceptionally simple to remap.

The basic device to complete this is an application called Button Mapper by flar2. They’ve featured this application before when Samsung figured it savvy to incorporate a committed Bixby button on the Galaxy S8 and the Pixel 2 increased a press motion to launch Assistant, and afterward it came up again as a component of the discussion about Google blocking applications that announce themselves Accessibility Services. Luckily, Button Mapper is still near.

Remapping the Netflix button is genuinely snappy and straightforward, however to spare you a moment or so of digging, here are the steps:

Introduce and launch Button Mapper on their Shield (or other device)

They’ll be approached to empower it as an Accessibility Service, which they have to do.

Open the ‘Add Buttons’ page, select ‘Add Button’ and press the Netflix button on remote.

Pick the recently included catch from the rundown and flip the setting to customize it.

Everyone will probably additionally observe a screen advising them that a few highlights are just for ace clients — those that have paid the in-application buy — however at present the capacity to remap this catch doesn’t require the update.

Presently they can arrange the catch to do pretty much anything. Standard capacities show up in the rundown naturally, similar to access to the Recents screen or shooting screen captures. In the event that they need the remapped catch to launch an alternate application, change certain system settings, or get into other increasingly extraordinary custom capacities, only bolt up to the class picker at the top for more alternatives.

Those with various Android TV boxes or TVs may likewise have the option to utilize Button Mapper, however know that there may be a few bugs. For instance, they tried with their Sony Bravia (2015) TV and found that it would in any case launch the Netflix application, yet in addition set off the mapped activity, which was launched Plex. Things being what they are, this works okay since the Plex application starts second and pushes Netflix out of spotlight.

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