PLUG Chain’s First Step on Global Adoption

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Hong Kong, China—Plug Chain is an efficient public chain dedicated to resolving information and data interactions and now Plug Chain starts its step on global adoption. Via the cross-chain technology, Plug Chain does not only enable secure, seamless, and effective communication between the real world and blockchain, but also communicates with HECO, BSC, and POLKADOT open-chain smart contracts.

When building real systems, Oracle Network Protocol’s distributed oracle service built on Plug Chain concentrates on the following factors: confidentiality, integrity, interoperability, scalability, and availability and reliability.

The proxy system, supervision system, verification registration of nodes outside of the supply chain, and payment method are the four components of the Plug Chain design.

While there are numerous public chain initiatives, the power and faith in a system as powerful in performance as Plug Chain is based on scalability and security.

PLUG chain

What’s Special About Plug Chain?

Just one month after its launch, Plug Chain has gathered more than ten thousand users across the globe. This is indicative of Plug Chain’s ability to foster interactions between real-world and multiple blockchain data.

Like other similar services in the industry, Plug Chain has developed its native wallet for web and mobile operations.

Collaboration with top 30 CMC Exchanges

The Plug Chain team is currently working with global top 30 exchanges according to CoinMarketCap. With the collaboration, the exchanges will list Plug token on their platforms and make it achieve its objectives faster. Currently, the Plug Chain’s token, PLUG(cn) or $plug(cn) has been listed on Lbank, a crypto exchange based in Virgin Islands. LBank is currently ranked #26 in the world and listing Plug Chain on LBank Exchange will greatly increase the presence of PLUG and allow cryptocurrency users around the world to discover Plug Chain.

Plug token will be PLUG(CN), the unique name even in crypto space.

Plug Chain allows real-world economic optimization by combining high concurrency, high scalability, cross-chain, and multi-chain with real-world commercial use cases.

On June 23rd, 2021, Plug Chain launched its test net. Plug Chain is on the brink of getting enormous leaps in this age of creative innovations from a virtual experience to data and job, after intercommunication between virtual and reality.

The technology that links external systems with smart contracts and encourages contracts to contribute significantly is the local blockchain’s most essential fundamental innovation.

The blockchain’s network is a predictable ecosystem that doesn’t require third-party organizations for value transmission, making it a distributed solution for credibility issues.

Plug Chain Implementation Situations

Because smart contracts are built-in Boolean algebra and are extremely predictable, the mechanism’s efficacy is firmly proven throughout the entire operation with automated functioning. Plug Chain may make a significant difference in terms of credibility, privacy, and security, ensuring a trustworthy final implementation based on the data input’s quality.

The following are some of the Plug Chain application fields:

  1.  Decentralized Finance

The operational costs of data sources make the entire decentralized finance ecosystem more protocol-compliant, coordinating user engagement, and decentralizing reserve assets and back-end trades. The financial system under the decentralized finance framework recreates classic financial products such as loans and derivatives.

  • Stable Currency

Stable coins are assets that generally show some price stability. They give the user complete control of their assets. The American dollar is a good example of a fiat stable coin since it has minimal volatility. Hence, it offers a good money unit to invest in the long and short term.

The American dollar, on the other hand, gives the user no autonomy because it is regulated by the Federal Reserve Bank and is reliant on the American financial system for commercial purposes.

When there’s beyond-the-chain information sharing the need for cryptocurrency assets stable currencies, they attempt to print outside the world’s stable currency and rooted resources.

  • Credit and Debit Platform

Faceless individuals can mortgage margin on a distributed P2P lending platform, which starts the liquidation process.

Tech Realization

Plug Chain has the strength and confidence to withstand the agent system that summons the user agreement; secondly, the supervisory system due to scalability and security, and scientific inter, off-chain, and on-chain.

To verify the chain’s legitimacy and service quality of service; thirdly, cross-chain architectures, as well as technological advances such as a prediction network beneath the modules and chain to achieve this purpose.


Plug Chain’s processing is based on a chain and features sections like:

  1. Confirm that the node’s exterior has joined the registration process.
  •  Lightning networks, status channels, and fragmentation can be augmented.

To enjoy scalability, the autonomous public blockchain uses the practical business chains and prediction network to link technological resources, independent data sharing and COMOS, and the POLKADOT’s core vital components.

Plug Chain may enable data exchange with current blockchain functional parts, contingent on the business needs. Plug Chain prophetic machine network allows for cross-chain implementation interaction, combining the higher effectiveness of every blockchain network.

Since the automatic market maker and block structure, Ethereum Bridge, and Plug Chain Hub fix the issues of contract interaction and cross-chain data, which face increasingly immersive requirements and fragmentation technology, the role of Plug Chain Hub is unique to the blockchain seamlessly in the segmented blockchain. Compatibility can also be achieved.

The Plug Chain SDK’s purpose is to allow you to build a modular Blockchain or leverage existing ones.


The security function restricts the security border between modules and blockchains without requiring developers to write every code for the application. The Plug Chain SDK also includes a collection of developer tools.

Overall, Plug Chain is doing well, with the ecosystem’s research and development unit making progress toward marketing the Oracle Network Protocol project’s application. With multiple chains, high scalability, and cross chains, it analyzes a data mode nexus under the public chain, offering solutions for collaboration and data storage.

Finally, Plug Chain, which combines current first-rate technology with blockchain, strengthens entity companies and increases their fundamental competencies.

Plug Chain has been developed by an Asian tech team with access to high network of investors across the continent.

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