Uniswap It’s A Big Hit

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As a new favorite in the blockchain world, DEFI has been known to the world overnight from unknown origin!

As a concrete product of decentralization, blockchain has not been put into practice and has been criticized for a long time. With the development of blockchain technology application, DEFI and decentralized finance have finally broken the cocoon and become a butterfly!

In the existing financial system, financial services are mainly controlled and regulated by the central system, whether it is the most basic deposit and transfer, loans or derivatives transactions. DeFI hopes to establish a set of transparent, accessible and inclusive point-to-point financial system through distributed open-source protocol to minimize the trust risk and make it easier for participants to obtain financing! And dolphin protocol is another star of the practical application of DEFI!

Dolphin protocol is a decentralized contract trading platform based on blockchain. It aims to promote matchmaking among contract varieties and create a strong consensus, full transparency and high justice community autonomy. It is an asset safe and non manipulation application available to all people. Dolphin protocol is fully deployed in the chain, which automatically provides liquidity. Any individual user can use the application only through the exclusive entrance.

DPL is the first governance token of the decentralized contract trading platform of dolphin protocol, with a total amount of 3.6 million issued, 8000 blocks are fixed on the chain, and 9 pieces are released every day in each block; each block is a stage every 10 days, and the production of each stage is reduced by 20%. After digging, there will be less and less DPL dug up. Scarcity will inevitably lead to deflation and the value will rise violently.

3% of DPL is for circulation, 2% for technical operation, 30% for miners who go to the mine pool as rewards, and miners for mining to achieve a win-win situation, and 65% for miners who provide LP liquidity for mining. DPL adopts LP flow mining, in which USDT accounts for 2.5%; eth accounts for 2.5%; ETH / DPL accounts for 95%. The mining efficiency of different ore pools is different. Users can participate in the partition of transaction fees of liquidity ore pools by injecting assets through Uniswap!

LP liquidity mining can obtain dolphin agreement mining income and dig out DPL.

DPL has created the machine gun pool shield mode, and the mining output is released in 15 days. If the mining income is extracted in advance less than 15 days, the default black hole mechanism will be triggered, and the remaining uneducated mining income will enter the black hole combustion to realize super deflation. 40% of all LP liquidity mining fees will directly burn black holes, and the remaining 60% will be rewarded to the miners in the mine pool!

(UNISWAP) DPL contract address:


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